Custom colored frames

Are you tired of me always saying, “Let’s color your walls!”? I just can’t help it and won’t apologize – blank walls really do make me sad! When you spend time, money and energy to have professional photos taken, I think they deserve to be beautifully displayed.

I totally understand it’s hard. Staring at a blank wall not knowing where to begin can be overwhelming. On top of that, visualizing and finding the right frames can be too much. Well … you’re in luck! With my full photo sessions, I offer wall gallery design as well as frame matching. All I need is a horizontal, straight-on photo of the wall you’d like to design – that’s it!

Once we have the sizes and design laid out, we can move on to frames. Maybe you want to match an exact color or maybe you want to find the perfect compliment color to your new photos? We can do that! Together, we will decide on colors and frame sizes. Next, I will have them ordered and your prints framed. One of my favorite parts of my job is when my clients stop by my studio to pick up their framed prints. To see it all come together is so fun!

Then, the last part is up to you. You’ll have the layout as a guide and all you have to do is hang them up. But, you have to promise me you won’t let them sit in a corner, under your bed or in a closet – color your walls right away! I won’t even judge you if you make a mistake and have to put a few extra holes in the walls – you should see what’s behind my framed photos! 😉

Want to see what I’m talking about? Take a look at this video example below of how we can create a wall design that is custom, colorful and creative, in your space!



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