Above a Bed

Designing a colorful and inviting design, above a bed, can be a challenge. But, I know you can do it — I will help you! Are you asking yourself … what am IĀ supposed to put up there? … which sizes will look best? … how many photos? … should I combine photos with other wall art? In my opinion, an eclectic mix is always a lot of fun!

Once your session is complete and you’ve picked your favorite images, we can work together to create a variety of wall designs. All you’ll need to do is snap and send me a horizontal photo of the wall we’re working on … that’s it! We’ll play with photo sizes, quantities and types (frames vs. canvases vs. metals, etc.). We can even place other art/wall elements into the examples to give you an idea of how it can all work together. I promise we’ll come up with a stunning display that will make you smile each time you see it.

Take a look at the video below — it demonstrates how this beautiful family session can be displayed in a bedroom. So many options, but a lot easier to choose the one you like once we create these visual examples.



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