A couple of seniors

Sarah is my nanny/errand runner/math tutor/soccer practice Uber driver/grocery shopper/laundress. So in other words, I would have a hard time doing it without her. She is headed to Texas A&M (whoop!) in the fall and we are going to miss her like crazy. She loves flowers, so we took full advantage of the flowers growing alongside the side of the road. I’ve got to tell you- it’s not the most comfortable situation laying on the side of a busy street, in the grass, in a dress, with 784 mosquitos buzzing around, AND with 8,976 drivers speeding past, but she pulled it off and looks SO amazing!

the woodlands texas senior photographer

OK, OK, Carly is not actually a senior. I did her senior photos a couple of years ago and she needed new ones for some dance auditions as she is currently a Houston Rockets Power Dancer. Always so much fun to photograph with the best clothes, this girl has got it going on!the woodlands texas senior photographer_spryART.com



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