Elementary friends

“It doesn’t matter who you are or what you look like, so long as somebody loves you.”¬†Ronald Dahl¬†(One of my all-time favorite authors!)

Friends make me happy! This adorable photo shoot and the quote above had me thinking about friendships, both new and old. When my client approached me with this photo shoot concept, I was THRILLED! I love when my clients come to me with new ideas because collaborating, brainstorming and dreaming up together is such a treat. It’s especially sweet when an idea comes together as well as this one.

Just being able to pause and appreciate the innocence, joy and happiness of elementary school friendships is a gift. My client and her daughter didn’t just want to remember those friendships before the girls moved on to intermediate school, they wanted to capture them forever! So, we gathered her daughter’s closest elementary school friends (All rockin’ adorable, colorful outfits, of course!) and headed out for pyramids, hugs, giggles and a spur of the moment dip in the fountain. I’m so thrilled with how these pictures turned out!

the woodlands childrens photographer www.spryart.com the woodlands childrens photographer www.spryart.com2 The Woodlands childrens photographer_www.spryART.comNow that the photos are done, this shoot has me thinking … why not gather your friends for photos? Seniors, college friends, high school friends, mom friends, childhood friends, youth groups … the list goes on and on. Really, a must for all ages! After all, these are the people we lean on, talk to, and enjoy most. Why not have beautiful {and colorful!} photos to display and cherish?



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