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My little guy is 1 today.

I love his gap toothed smile.

I love his sweet baby cheeks (I may have left a wee mark on them the other day sucking and kissing and loving on those cheeks).

I love that he does not know he is little and will do anything and everything his siblingsĀ are doing (dancing, push ups, jumping).

I love that I take him on runs and he sings himself to sleep.

I love his messy blond hair. Sometimes I just see a little hand reach up and grab the side of his crib, followed by a blond bedhead, followed by the aforementioned gap toothed smile.

I love that he started walking so early and is so little and short it verges on ridiculous looking.

I love that the other kiddos rush home from school, throw their backpack on the floor and run to pick him up first.

I love the songs Jesse makes up about him.

I love that he loves rubber duckies.

I even love that I can count on him to wake up around 4:45 every night/morning and want to nurse himself back to sleep.

He has brought an indescribable amount of joy to this family.

Love my guy.

Houston area family photographer_spryART.com__0008 copy

Houston area family photographer_spryART.com__0009

I have so many ideas for his “official” one year shoot that I couldn’t decide and I am just going to do them all. Stay tuned my friends!




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