So I Had a Baby

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And he is AMAZING.

Born January 15- Timothy James- “TJ” entered our lives. He is named after one of Jesse’s best friends that left this earth entirely too early. If you knew him, you would understand why we wanted to name our son after him. We knew we wanted Timothy to be either the first or the middle name if we had a boy, but we had all kinds of unique names picked for the other half of the name.  As it turns out, we decided on the name once we saw his sweet little face. He just looked so All American, we went with a more traditional name (James is Jesse’s middle name).

The kids are SO in love with him. I highly recommend bringing a newborn into your life if you have older kids. They seriously cannot get enough of him (I’ve even had to break up a couple of fights over whose turn it was to hold him). I hope this lasts!

They have had some funny little moments too. Jude cannot understand the semantics of feeding him. He says I am milking him since its a liquid and not a solid he is getting!


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I told Jesse it was time to bathe him the other day because he had milk curdles in his neck and his hair was greasy. Kaylee piped up and said “Hey! He’s just like me!” Ahhhh. My little free spirit that just does not like to bathe.


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Emily came home from school and declared she was going to hurry up and wash her hands so she could “pet” him.


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And Presley couldn’t even WAIT to hold him the other day. I set her up on the couch with the Boppy and checked on them after a few minutes. She had her Nook resting on his head while she read. I should have known better.


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More pix to come… stay tuned!




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