I am constantly nesting.

I am constantly nesting.  I think I got it from my mom- who moves furniture around weekly.  My house isn’t really set up in such a way I have many options with furniture placement, but I do love to move stuff around and change colors and add new pieces to my casa. One of my friends said I had the attention span of a gnat. (So not true. I could watch HGTV for hours.)

Anywho- if there isn’t enough color in my space, I seriously get antsy. I’m not kidding. It’s very odd, I know.  I can’t even wear neutrals anymore (I would so not fit in in NYC) It’s eclectic for sure and definitely not for everyone, but its right for my family! I want my kids to remember growing up in a bright & colorful environment.  I think they get it because when I brought home some really colorful patterned measuring spoons earlier this week (because the other two sets of plain metal ones I own were just not measuring accurately anymore *wink*), Emily went on and on about how cute they were and how much she loved them. Keep in mind she’s 10. I don’t know a lot of 10 year olds that give a flip about how cute your measuring spoons are!

Here’s an embarrassing confession. I watch the kid’s Disney shows  with them (Jessie, Good Luck Charlie, Hannah Montana) because 1) I love, love, love how colorful and eclectic the sets are decorated, and 2) I like how they dress. EEEK. I admitted it. In a public forum.

So my house was actually totally clean the other day and I decided to snap some pix. I snapped them around noon during the brightest part of the day, so you’ll have to excuse the bright glare on some of the pictures!  I have window-covering phobia – the sunshine was just pouring in causing lotsa glare – curtains always feel so FORMAL (totally NOT me) and our house is surrounded by trees, so I kid myself there is no way anyone can see in :-).

I’m going to start with my stairs. It was a bold move going for something so different, but since this is our forever house (at least for now), we went for it. Jesse asked me the other day what my favorite part of my house was. Hands down my stairs. He replied and said he loved our Master Bath. If we went to a hotel and the bathroom looked like our Master Bath, I would leave. I’m not kidding. It looks like its out of a horror movie. It is the last thing we have to update in our 1980’s house. And hopefully it’s only needing a facelift cause I spy a little something else growing on the wall. Mmmmm. Hopefully this year.

Anywho, here are the stairs we just redid last year! (Lovely canvases of my crew in the yellow field by the wonderful Michele Anderson!)

the woodlands, texas photographer www.spryart.com_028

Here is the living room. Why yes, that IS Modern Family playing on the tele. Some people love reality TV- I LOVE SITCOMS. They make me laugh. I always have one playing in the background when I am working, cleaning, cooking, whatever. Family photographs are by the fabulous Angie Monson (see below post!)

the woodlands, texas photographer www.spryart.com_032the woodlands, texas photographer www.spryart.com_031the woodlands, texas photographer www.spryart.com_030

Dining Room (it’s an open concept house- at least it became that way when we tore a wall down) Family photographs which I made into a collage (cause really- how can you pick just one or two?) by the lovely Michele Anderson. Door found at an antique shop. Story of that find here.

the woodlands, texas photographer www.spryart.com_029

the woodlands, texas photographer www.spryart.com_035

The kitchen, where all the magic happens. NOT. I do not like to cook!

the woodlands, texas photographer www.spryart.com_040

the woodlands, texas photographer www.spryart.com_039

I worked at Chili’s all through college, so we built the booth as a tribute to the Baby Back Ribs.

Just kidding! It was there when we moved in (although when we remodeled the kitchen, we totally redesigned the booth).

the woodlands, texas photographer www.spryart.com_033

Let’s move upstairs now.  The upstairs hallway. I have the first initial of each of our names mixed in with the pictures up here.

the woodlands, texas photographer www.spryart.com_041

Jude’s room. Found the lockers in my stepdad’s junkyard. Yep, you read that right. My stepdad has a junkyard.

the woodlands, texas photographer www.spryart.com_043

The master is definitely the most calm room in terms of color!  The aspen tree paintings over the bed are custom artwork from my dear friend Meridith. I LOVE THEM so much. There is NOTHING like having a super talented friend create custom artwork for you!

the woodlands, texas photographer www.spryart.com_042

Here is Emily’s room. I saw the comforter in Anthropolgie and knew it had to be mine. I knew there was no way I could get away with having it in the master, (but I HAD TO HAVE IT), so I bought it for this room!the woodlands, texas photographer www.spryart.com_036

Here is the room addition we recently built for Presley & Kaylee! Before last year, this was part of the roof! All six of us (and all our bedroom furniture, clothes, toys, etc) were all jammed into two rooms for nine weeks while this room was being built (complete with a huge hole in the roof covered by a big blue tarp. The neighbors LOVED US). Living through construction is always a blast. After it was finished, I felt like my house was the Taj Majal!

the woodlands, texas photographer www.spryart.com_037 the woodlands, texas photographer www.spryart.com_038

That’s it :-). Hope you liked the home tour!

I’m totally out of wall space. Don’t know what I am going to do after our next family shoot.

I’m sure I’ll figure it out :).




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