“Twas a Windy, Windy Day

The fabulous Angie Monson of Simplicity Photography popped into Austin for a weekend late last year, and I was so excited to hire her to do our family photos! She is fabulous!  It would be a slight understatement to say family photos are a priority for me. I seriously can’t get enough of them. I have them done at least once a year (usually more!). If I didn’t, there would no proof I ever existed since I can’t even get Jesse to play on Instagram, much less handle my 27-ton camera:-). And yes, I take a zillion pictures of my kids that I LOVE. But different artists see them differently and can capture them in a whole new and exciting way!

I can’t even begin to explain how windy it was that day!  But we worked with it. Here are the FAB results of our family shoot!


I think they later informed me they were talking about “buttcheeks,” hence the fall-off-the-log laughter in the next photo.

I seriously love putting outfits together for photo shoots. Maybe because I love kid’s fashion so much. I know it stresses a lot of clients out, but people really make it harder than it needs to be! You don’t need to match. And I use the term “coordinate” loosely. I’ve got a lot of pattern and color going on here and somehow it all works :-).

And here we are for outfits numero dos (again, that’s me pretending I know Spanish. I wish I had been smart and taken that instead of French in high school/college. bleh)

Here’s my little diva.  Lord help me when she turns 16.

OK, is it me or does Calvin Klein need to call this kid? You might say I am a bit obsessed with my youngest child & only boy. That kid gets away with anything. I can’t tell him no. It’s going to be a real problem one day if I don’t knock it off.

However… he has somehow escaped his mommy’s spoiling thus far and is one of the sweetest, most considerate little beings out there. I witnessed him staying behind after lunch last week to help clean up after his classmates. Presley informed me he does that every.single.day. (insert proud mommy tears here)

Jesse thinks Kaylee looks like she took a hockey puck to the face in this next picture, but I love that gap toothed grin! Kaylee is forever smiling SO BIG you can’t even see her eyes. And that is her honest to goodness genuine smile. She’s such a happy, carefree human being!  It took forever for that tooth to grow in, but now that it’s here, I miss that crazy grin!

My favorite part about this picture is Emily and Jude dancing. Hilarious!  I keep telling them to enjoy him being little now because it is not going to be long before their little brother is much taller than them!

OK, I know I have a problem with thinking my kids are the cutest human beings on the planet. But would you look at this next picture? This is worthy of a JCrew ad!

My silly little stringbean Presley. This kid is such a clown! Takes after her dad who (ahem) did a backflip at a bar the night I met him. And um YEAH it was love at first sight! Who doesn’t like a 6’3″ cutie doing backflips in honky-tonk bars?!?

This little polka dot dress that I adore so much is homemade and was on the costume rack at a resale shop! I am not sure what costume it was supposed to be?!?

Thank you, thank you, thank you Angie!!




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