Happy {Belated. Really, Really Belated} Birthday to my girls!

I am the WORST about doing anything with candid pictures I take of my kids! They sit on my hardrive without me ever finding the time to review, much less print. That has GOT to change in 2013.  So I am going back, WAY back to September to blog my girl’s birthday parties.

I’ll start with Ms. Presley’s, who was in January. Emily and Presley have December and January birthdays and I am usually so tired out from my busy holiday season (AND the holidays), that I don’t put as much creative effort into their parties. I am happy to report these last parties were not like that!

I think Presley’s last party was my favorite theme ever. I LOVED putting this party together so much!

Welcome to Breakfast at Presley’s.

I created these two printables which were framed on the table:

The cookies were from Whip It Good cookies. RIDICULOUS.  I wouldn’t even let the girls near them for at least a couple of hours. Way too pretty to eat.

I got the little “Tiffany” boxes from Amazon and filled them with little pearls and rings. And some fake tattoos Presley picked out :-).

The invitation had “Hepburn Chic” as the attire and all the little girls looked SO pretty in their glam!!

Presley’s one major request for the party was a pinata.

Candles on her brownies. My girl really, really despises cake!

Presley’s party was pretty, but Emily’s was downright DIR-TY.

We took a group of girls downtown to The Graffitti Run 5K.

We all started out in white (the family that runs together stays together!).

The kiddos had to get their stretching in pre-race…

It is VERY important to do The Charlie Brown to warm up!

Singing Happy Birthday to Emily…

And then some pre-race color…

I didn’t take my camera on the run, so I have some Instagram photos from my iPhone of what went down…

Huge thanks to my friends that came along for the run and helped me corral a bunch of giggly elementary school kiddos in a crowd of thousands!

Afterwards, we headed home…

…and the girls cleaned off in the pool! Now keep in mind it was December and our pool is NOT heated! The water was COLD. BRRRR!

Oh, and here is an Instagram of the cookies from Whip It Good. Again- ridiculous.


Kaylee’s birthday (September! I’m terrible!) was so fun too! My girl is obsessed with dogs and wanted a doggie party. So before the party, I took pictures of her with various dogs (neighbor’s dogs, my mom’s dogs, client’s dogs :-)) to use as table decor.

I loved this colorful table!

We served “Scooby Snacks” in doggie bowls

OK that’s all for now.

2013 will be THE YEAR I do better about pictures of my own kids!




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