Happy (very) Belated Birthday to my Sweet Jude

This post is so overdue its not even funny. I officially kind of stink at blogging. Sorry about that. It’s just that blogging does not have a deadline and I know I need to do it more, but it just seems like everything else takes precedence. Anywho. My boy turned six in May. As I do every year, I did a joint photo shoot with his buddy Jack who was born about 19 hours before him. In fact, when Jack was born, I was hugely pregnant (overdue) with Jude, and had bought one girl newborn outfit and one boy newborn outfit (we don’t like to find out the sex of our babies. Call me crazy but I just feel like it’s one of God’s greatest gifts to have such a huge, amazing surprise at the end after waiting and wondering for nine months! Plus I would go INSANE shopping if I knew the gender ahead of time. This is much more economical) Anywho, convinced I was having a girl, I brought the boy newborn outfit to the hospital to give to Jack’s parents. Little did I know what was going to happen 19 hours from then.

We went with a vintage rock theme for this year’s birthday party, so here is their shoot!

(Look at this kid. He absolutely kills me. KILLS ME. Can’t even take those big blue eyes. He is the SWEETEST boy. In fact, this kid won the “Huge Heart” award in his Kindergarten class for always being nice to everyone and for being a loyal and good friend to all his classmates.)

houston family photographer www.spryart.com_007

My awesome Mother-in-Law has STACKS of these albums, so I borrowed a few. Jack’s family is VERY musical, so they had instruments galore to use. Jack is a natural performer. An image of him at Chuck-e-Cheese dancing to a song in his head that only he could hear, while sporting a snappy fedora no less, will forever be stuck in my melon. And will forever bring a smile to my face.

houston family photographer www.spryart.com_003houston family photographer www.spryart.com_004

I like to call this next shot Acoustic Sunrise.


houston family photographer www.spryart.com_008houston family photographer www.spryart.com_006

Love how Jude has his little foot stompin’. Look at him all singer/songwriter/John Mayer-ish.

houston family photographer www.spryart.com_005


Every year, I also interview the kids. Same interview questions every year. I actually do something pretty cool with the interviews, but I will have to show you that in another post. Here is my boy’s 6th year interview :-).

Toy– Stuffed weasel with the ball
TV Show– Power Rangers
Game- Dodgeball
Outfit– blue plaid flannel shirt from Gap
Animal– penguin because they slide on their bellies
Song– 10,000 Fireflies by Owl City
Holiday– St. Patricks Day because you get to pinch people
Thing to do outside– mini triathlon
Book- Magic School Bus in the Arctic
Thing about School– my friends and my teacher
Food-I don’t know why I am saying this, but definitely blueberries. Actually not blueberries. Chocolate Mousse
Dessert- Chocolate Mousse
When I grow up…I want to be a coach and photographer
If I live to be 100…I would hit myself in the face 1000 times
The world would be a better place if…it stayed the way it is
What tastes yucky? The purple thing Mom and Kaylee tried a long time ago
I don’t like it when…somebody bullies me
What I like most about my family is… they love me
What I like most about my room is… I get to sleep in a comfortable bed
I wish I had a…DS and a dog and a cat
If I could be anywhere in the world, I would be… in Texas
So that is my very belated birthday post that is about 2 months overdue. More overdue posts coming soon. Promise 🙂



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