Summer Seniors

Whew! I had a busy month with high school seniors! I am finally getting a chance to catch my breath, and post some of these beauties! I swear, these girls (and one guy!) are all about as lovely inside as they are outside.

I’m posting these as a new clarinet player is blasting the one note she has learned since the beginning of school in one ear, and my first grader is trying to put words in alphabetical order in the other, so forgive me if they seem a bit discombobulated. These seniors were all fantastic to work with. I seriously loved their look and their style, but more importantly, their great personalities. They were all different as could be (even though many of them have known each other since kindergarten), but all had a good head on their shoulders and knew who they were.  And they were just plain NICE.

the woodlands senior photographer_www.spryart.com_rs-9453the woodlands senior photographer_www.spryart.com_rs-0276

Check out these SHOES!! Dying. Want.them.

the woodlands senior photographer_www.spryart.com_rs-0499the woodlands senior photographer_www.spryart.com_rs-0370the woodlands senior photographer_www.spryart.com_rs-9553the woodlands senior photographer_www.spryart.com_rs-9641the woodlands senior photographer_www.spryart.com_rs-9530

His name is Benji. He was a rescue. Love.

the woodlands senior photographer_www.spryart.com_rs-9606the woodlands senior photographer_www.spryart.com_rs-9408the woodlands senior photographer_www.spryart.com_rs-0549the woodlands senior photographer_www.spryart.com_rs-0512


the woodlands senior photographer_www.spryart.com_rs-7243the woodlands senior photographer_www.spryart.com_rs-7450 the woodlands senior photographer_www.spryart.com_rs-7204 the woodlands senior photographer_www.spryart.com_rs-7147 the woodlands senior photographer_www.spryart.com_rs-7105 the woodlands senior photographer_www.spryart.com_rs-7043 the woodlands senior photographer_www.spryart.com_rs-7010

More KILLER shoes. These girls have some serious STYLE!!

the woodlands senior photographer_www.spryart.com_rs-6986 the woodlands senior photographer_www.spryart.com_rs-6983the woodlands senior photographer_www.spryart.com_rs-6929the woodlands senior photographer_www.spryart.com_rs-6916the woodlands senior photographer_www.spryart.com_rs-6958

Her twin brother is below!  They had that kind of bond you expect between twins. I told them more than once I wanted a twin brother (wah!)

the woodlands senior photographer_www.spryart.com_rs-2495the woodlands senior photographer_www.spryart.com_rs-2853the woodlands senior photographer_www.spryart.com_rs-2556the woodlands senior photographer_www.spryart.com_rs-2453the woodlands senior photographer_www.spryart.com_rs-3039bwthe woodlands senior photographer_www.spryart.com_rs-4019

I was packing up and made her get out of the car once I turned around and saw this sky. Summer in Texas has some pretty amazing sunsets if you really know where to look!




the woodlands senior photographer_www.spryart.com_rs-4737

It was 7000 degrees in Texas and she braved this leather jacket. I WANT IT!

the woodlands senior photographer_www.spryart.com_rs-4365 the woodlands senior photographer_www.spryart.com_rs-4725v2 the woodlands senior photographer_www.spryart.com_rs-5369

OK, again with the shoes! Love this girl’s style. Wanted her whole wardrobe!!

the woodlands senior photographer_www.spryart.com_rs-5231 the woodlands senior photographer_www.spryart.com_rs-5582 the woodlands senior photographer_www.spryart.com_rs-5756 the woodlands senior photographer_www.spryart.com_rs-6154 the woodlands senior photographer_www.spryart.com_rs-6224 the woodlands senior photographer_www.spryart.com_rs-6061 the woodlands senior photographer_www.spryart.com_rs-5874 the woodlands senior photographer_www.spryart.com_rs-5190

Her hair. Oh her lovely hair. She is just one of the happiest people I have ever met :-)!the woodlands senior photographer_www.spryart.com_rs-3568 the woodlands senior photographer_www.spryart.com_rs-3583bw

After this shoot, I went and tried on this dress, because I of course, wanted it!  Um. Not exactly the same effect on my 5 month pregnant belly :-).the woodlands senior photographer_www.spryart.com_rs-3691 the woodlands senior photographer_www.spryart.com_rs-3828 the woodlands senior photographer_www.spryart.com_rs-4006 the woodlands senior photographer_www.spryart.com_rs-4008the woodlands senior photographer_www.spryart.com_rs-3637


Twin sister is above!  I’m shooting their other older sister tonight!

the woodlands senior photographer_www.spryart.com_rs-4867 the woodlands senior photographer_www.spryart.com_rs-4942

She had a really youthful, playful personality. She brought the bubbles. Love that. You’re never to old to play with bubbles!

the woodlands senior photographer_www.spryart.com_rs-3516

the woodlands senior photographer_www.spryart.com_rs-3719the woodlands senior photographer_www.spryart.com_rs-3578the woodlands senior photographer_www.spryart.com_rs-3435the woodlands senior photographer_www.spryart.com_rs-3376the woodlands senior photographer_www.spryart.com_rs-3175

IAnd last, um hello AWESOME party dress. Again. I want it… but don’t think it would have the same effect on this preggers belly. HA!the woodlands senior photographer_www.spryart.com_rs-6423the woodlands senior photographer_www.spryart.com_rs-6567the woodlands senior photographer_www.spryart.com_rs-6447the woodlands senior photographer_www.spryart.com_rs-6843the woodlands senior photographer_www.spryart.com_rs-6909




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