Here’s to Hand Clapping

I have about five sessions to blog over the next day or two, then it’s Hellll-oooo Mexico for a little vacation for Jesse and I (and I’m shooting a friend’s wedding! Raise your glass to friends that get married in Mexico- whoo hoo!)

Even I know better than to post vacation plans online, so if you’re reading this and you are some kind of robber just waiting for an opportunity to take my stuff, you probably shouldn’t… there will be armed guards and big attack dogs and other people staying at my house.

Or maybe just one of the above. Or maybe all three! Who knows?!?

Anywho, when I showed the picture below in camera to mom at the end of our session, an audible gasp was heard – probably a block away, it was so loud. Now, THAT is great feeling number one.

Then, when Mom saw her gallery for the first time, she texted me “We loved you before, but now we REALLY love you!!”

Great feeling number two!

And after her ordering session, she hugged me, then later sent an email saying she was sitting at her computer clapping her hands from excitement over her order.

Great feeling number three!

Not only did we have so much fun on the session (despite the grasshopper that jumped in her mouth midway through), the images are just WOW… I love them!!

They wanted to capture her interests at this age, one main interest being rocking out on her iPod.  I think this was when said grasshopper saw his moment to try to find a new home. Sadly for him, she spit him right out :-).




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