These girls braved some SERIOUS heat…

It was upper nineties and about 1000% humidity for all of these summer senior shoots and these girls braved some serious heat!  Now that my kiddos are all in school (and I’m a mess of conflicing emotions- *sniff*, *YAY!*, *boo-hoo*, *whoopie!*), I have some more time to blog- whoop!

Let’s start with all of my GORGEOUS August seniors.

At one point during this next shoot, I paused while tramping through some bushes, and asked her – “Um… what are those?” while pointing at a swarm of We both took off running as about two dozen really p.o.’ed wasps came from under a log and took chase. I swatted one away from my arse just as I took a hit in the calf from one particularly mad little booger, but thankfully they missed her!

Regarding this NEXT set of pictures… did you know there is a NATIONAL HELIUM shortage? I tried to get balloons the first day of school, then a week later for Kaylee’s birthday and the stores were totally out of helium. My only options were balloons filled with air mounted on sticks… which was not quite the look I was going for. Luckily, we procured these balloons right before the universe ran out of helium.

She is going to be able to show her grandkids these pics one day and say – “now you listen here!  When I was little…we had to CARRY our iPhones, they weren’t surgically implanted into our hands, we had to drive CARS to get from A to B, we couldn’t just ZAP ourselves, and would you believe it, but balloons actually FLOATED ON THEIR OWN!”

My next girl probably got really tired of me talking about her hair. But she’s a competitive swimmer and it just defies all laws of nature that her hair should be so perfect. NOT FAIR. My kid’s hair is FRIED from a summer spent in the pool… In retrospect, I really should have washed it more often, but chlorine kills germs so we didn’t waste any time with that bathing stuff…

And we ARE in Texas people… gotta have at least ONE cowboy hat in the mix. And she rocks it!





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