Tommy Lee Ain’t Got NOTHING on this Kid

I went to the Motley Crue concert several months ago (which was a BLAST, although I felt sorry for the people that brought their kids… I think they wanted them to experience the music they listened to as teenagers, but the amount of F-bombs dropped would make anyone’s ears burn!). Anywho, Tommy Lee’s drum set was on what kinda looked like a rollercoaster- he drummed UPSIDE DOWN for part of the concert. It was pretty impressive.

But he has NOTHING on this guy.

This was a two part shoot. The first time we tried (waaaayyyyy back in April), the little guy got really cranky really fast (due to what we later learned was a massive ear infection- hey, I would have been a little cranky too!!), and we only got a few keepers before all hell broke loose.  And I say that in a way only a mom with a couple of dozen kids can say. Well not really a couple dozen, only four, but it feels like that sometimes :-).

And then, after about 279 reschedules (including one right after a pre-school incident involving a very large 18 month old girl and a can of Whoop Ass that left a black eye on this guy), we met up again!

And this time, he was sporting some very stylish longer locks.

Oh, before I forget! Mom is an amazing Event Planner, check out her business here.

OK, back to pix:



(Sorry Brooke! I just had to include that picture!)





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