So Kaylee (my seven year old- the one without a filter) told me the other day that I looked like a monster when I took my makeup off. I laughed- cause, well that’s just how Kaylee rolls… I think we have finally gotten it through her head to never, EVER ask anyone if they have a baby in their belly without asking us first in private. I did finally figure out that she was referring to the period between greasy black mascara removal and face washing.

At least I hope that’s what she meant.

And just last month, I told Emily I was going to her school to volunteer at their class party. Before she dared show any excitement, she asked me to “please wear nice clothes (i.e. get out of gym clothes), and makeup.”

It’s not that I don’t like looking nice. I am just totally, completely and utterly lazy about my appearance 95% of the time and just can’t make myself care what I look like during an ordinary work-at-home/pick kids up from school/run kids around to sports/go to grocery store kind of day :-).

Anywho, the whole point of me telling you that was that this senior had not a stitch of makeup on (OK, I am lying… she did put on a tiny bit of lip gloss). She was absolutely perfect and natural the way she was.

And here are my little nieces. I snapped these last month when my awesome sister in law babysit my four kids with her own two kids so Jesse and I could go see Matt Nathanson (looooovvvvvvveeeeeeeee me some Matt Nathanson) last week.  Poor thing- we were already at the concert before we realized leaving her with six kids, including her 3 month old, was probably just a wee bit harder than we all thought it would be.

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