I love this family because they are crazy enough to want four kids like me . (Actually I want five, but those little suckers aren’t cheap!)

Here is their oldest’s 3rd birthday pix. Mom is RELIGIOUS about scheduling pix every year for each kid. Even if she wasn’t choosing me as her photog, I would still love that… so many parents get baby pictures or a ton of pics done of their first kiddo, then they get busy, life gets in the way, and before they know it, their kids are older and they realize they haven’t had any good pix of them in several years. That stinks!

I had a senior’s mom tearfully tell me how much she wished she had met me 15 years ago (I would have been 10 since I am eternally 25 now) because she loved her daughter’s senior pictures, but was full of regret she didn’t get pictures done every year and now she felt it was too late. ¬†Pictures are PRICELESS people! ¬†Even if you don’t choose me- choose SOMEONE that can ARTFULLY (your iPhone pix probably don’t count as art and your school pictures definitely don’t count as art) capture your little rascals- missing teeth, crazy bangs, skinned knees and all.

Anywho, Mom is currently preggers with number three, so you’ll see baby brother here in a month or two!

Have you ever seen an expression quite like this?

It’s pretty awesome.



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