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To say I love photographing 6-10(ish) month old babies (before they can get away from me and while I am still more interesting than the rest of the world they can walk/run to) is a major understatement. I get nervous before EVERY shoot (a good nervous), EXCEPT when my subject is in that magical age range.  This babe below was 6 1/2 months, and the one below with the fuzzy, crazy, wispy (awesome!) baby hair was about 9. Both were repeat and AWESOME clients whose newborn sessions I did not so long ago!

Here she is in the Easter dress that her grandmother made… they tried on Easter Sunday to get some snaps, but alas- a major meltdown reportedly ensued! ┬áSo happy we got some awesome pics of her in this!

I think these next three shots should be printed out as a huge collage, because the expression from one shot to the next is priceless!


And the shot below. Awesomeness. What mom hasn’t experienced the old earring/necklace/hair pull at least once a thousand times?

She looks like she is thinking “Woman. That earring is MINE. You OWE it to me after all these smiles I gave you and I will have it. Thank you much. Buh-bye.”

Love the random duck walking by!

And here is my next sweet little peanut with the fuzzy, awesome hair.

A rainbow!!! It was SO faint in the sky, I wasn’t sure it would show up well in the picture, but it did!

Baby Bitter Beer Face.

Nom, Nom, Nom…




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