If you are a dog person (which I totally am now that we got a puppers in December), you are going to LOVE this engagement session and wedding. Megan and Hutton brought along their two labs to their engagement session, one of which was still a puppy.

Now, anyone that owns a lab knows they can be C-R-A-Z-Y. Fun, loyal, sweet, and wonderful, but also a wee bit … hyper.  Combine that with a vast outdoor area and lots of new smells and BAM- we spent a good part of the engagement session taming their pups to get some good shots!

engagement-photos-houston-the-woodlands-wedding-houston-wedding-photographerengagement-photos-houston-the-woodlands-wedding-houston-wedding-photographerengagement-photos-houston-the-woodlands-wedding-houston-wedding-photographerI barely had to give them direction… these two were really into each other… as engaged couple should be!



engagement-photos-houston-the-woodlands-wedding-houston-wedding-photographer engagement-photos-houston-the-woodlands-wedding-houston-wedding-photographer

Fast forward about a month, on a warm summer day in Texas, and Megan and Hutton get married!. Their venue was the beautiful Balmorhea Events, an extraordinary venue set up to maximize some pretty spectacular country views.

I love some good detail shots and the tables were decorated with vintage books, so I took full advantage…
engagement-photos-houston-the-woodlands-wedding-houston-wedding-photographerI believe almost all of the bridesmaids were from out of town and flew in for the wedding. Hello gorgeous ladies!

And who doesn’t love a good crying shot? I tear up at all weddings… no matter who, what, when, or how… I’m going to cry just a little bit.engagement-photos-houston-the-woodlands-wedding-houston-wedding-photographer
engagement-photos-houston-the-woodlands-wedding-houston-wedding-photographerengagement-photos-houston-the-woodlands-wedding-houston-wedding-photographerYES! Married… husband & wife… you did it!
Megan was just standing on the bridge waiting for something and I told her TO HOLD STILL while I snapped… she looked AMAZING!!




Line dances are THE. BEST. So much easier to photograph when everyone is facing the same direction. Love a good line dance!

Disclaimer: I think these might be more popular in Texas. So if you aren’t from around these parts, you might not get it {wink}.


The bartender may or may not have told me they had never filled the shot ski up quite so many times. These people knew how to party! And that may or may not be the mother of the bride taking a shot. Hmmmmm….

And the send off… BAM!engagement-photos-houston-the-woodlands-wedding-houston-wedding-photographer

Megan and Hutton- thank you for including us on your big day… we loved every second of it!!



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Were you one of the zillion people who watched this mannequin challenge proposal last Thanksgiving? I may have watched it around fifty seven times myself. I was so honored and excited that this internet sensation couple asked me to photograph their wedding. I’ve been second shooting and building my wedding portfolio for the last six months so stay tuned for more on spryART weddings!

Moving on!

Sue- you are GORGEOUS!!  And I am beyond happy that you and Jamie found each other and joined your sweet families together. I might be a wee bit partial, but families with FIVE KIDS RULE!

IS THIS NOT THE CUTEST THING EVER? I believe it was a Fisher-Price medical kit turned top secret ring security kit. LOVE.

GAAAHHHHHH. That dress. Made you look like a queen princess diva STAR.

One of my favorite parts of the wedding were the details in making it so incredibly kid friendly. From the snack mix bar to the bubbles to the legos at the kid’s table, it was perfection.

Jamie- I haven’t known you long, but you’re a star. Like Sue said- a real man that loves his family more than life itself.  I teared up a lot at this wedding (occupational hazard) and this moment between you and your kids had me turning away to collect myself.

First touch and exchange of letters. OK- I’m back to tearing up now… so much for collecting myself :-).

Dad’s first look at his beautiful daughter. He had a sweet detail on his tux and his buttons were Penn State, where Sue went to college. So awesome.

The ceremony and reception were at a new venue- The Farmhouse, in Montgomery Texas. All white + shiplap + amazing views? Ummmm. One thousand yesssssss.

The officiant kept is real and told the funniest tales during the ceremony. Sue and Jamie (and all the guests) were cracking up!

Until they weren’t. Jamie got really emotional during the sweet exchange of vows. Then I got really emotional AGAIN when the entire family shared a group hug.

Family of seven. YES.

We DID IT!!!

Getting these two to take serious pictures was a worthless endeavor. They were so fun and just GIDDY with each other. I loved every second of it!

Look at their daughters in the background! HA!!!

The couple’s first dance was to Michael Jackson’s “The Way You Make Me Feel.” I’m STILL singing that song in my head four days later.

They had the best first dance EVER. And Sue’s entrance to the dance? Perfection.

The kids were ROCKING the dance floor.

And I do love a good conga line.

Did I mention Jamie is a rock star? Like a legit one. He plays bass with a band called Space Bear . 

Like them on FB, then go see them next time they play in Houston. You won’t be disappointed.

I couldn’t decide which of the last dance images I liked the best, so here are my top four.

What an awesome day. Sue and Jamie- THANK YOU so much for trusting with it!! I am beyond happy for your family of seven. WHOOP!!

Venue: The Farmhouse

Caterer: Kuntry Katfish

Florist: Liz Wortham

Hair: Jenna

Makeup: Emily Ludrick

Cake: Sarah Robson

Wedding Coordinator: Lean on Me Events

Videographer: Take 2 Productions

Band: SpaceBear

Wedding Decor: Right Next Door Design



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I’ve been working on a NEW WESBITE (cue bells and whistles and cheers- yeah!)  in my “spare time” for what feels like forever! I feel like my brand and style are constantly evolving (for the better) and it was time for a fresh new look! Seriously, I think it took me almost a year to get this done, as I have been so busy with client work, which is a nice problem to have. The website “experts” also told me I should have no more than 20 images per gallery– what?!? How was I supposed to pick 20 images for each of my galleries, when I have over eight years worth of work and THOUSANDS of pictures to go through? It felt so overwhelming at times, I would put the project away for months at a time. I had to keep telling myself  “done is better than perfect,” and for better or worse, my new website is now done! At least until I change it up again…


I would love to hear what you think!


Logo design by: Little Design Shop, The Woodlands, Texas

To celebrate and promote my new look, I am running a 3 day contest for a free mini session. I rarely do mini sessions anyway, and this is something I have never done before and will likely not do again, so seize the chance! All you have to do is read the fine print (sorry, got to include this!), and like AND leave a comment about my new site on one of my social media posts announcing the contest. I am announcing it on spryART’s Facebook and Instagram pages, as well as my personal Facebook page for my current friends and clients. You can comment on each of the platforms once for an entry. Easy peasy!

The fine print (sorry, I have to do this!):

  • A mini session consists of a 20-25 minute outdoor photography session for a family, children, or high school senior. From that session, you will receive 10 digital images with reproduction rights. You will choose these images from a gallery that I have curated out of the images I take at the session.
  • Must be scheduled at least 4-6 weeks in advance
  • Session will take place within 10 miles of zip code 77381 unless I am already traveling for a session and am able to fit this mini session into that travel schedule. Places I frequently travel for shoots are Galveston, Kemah, Houston, and the Texas Hill Country.
  • The mini session must be completed prior to December 31, 2017
  • If you already have a shoot scheduled with me, this mini session can not take the place of that shoot, BUT you can use it after one year has passed after the already scheduled shoot (in this case only the expiration date would be extended)
  • I reserve the right to delete any comments I feel are inappropriate and/or cancel this contest at any time for any reason
  • This contest is not sponsored, endorsed, administered by, or associated with Instagram or Facebook.
  • Winner will be announced Monday, February 13, 2017
  • Must be 18 to enter


I think that’s it… so get to entering!




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Designing a colorful and inviting design, above a bed, can be a challenge. But, I know you can do it — I will help you! Are you asking yourself … what am I supposed to put up there? … which sizes will look best? … how many photos? … should I combine photos with other wall art? In my opinion, an eclectic mix is always a lot of fun!

Once your session is complete and you’ve picked your favorite images, we can work together to create a variety of wall designs. All you’ll need to do is snap and send me a horizontal photo of the wall we’re working on … that’s it! We’ll play with photo sizes, quantities and types (frames vs. canvases vs. metals, etc.). We can even place other art/wall elements into the examples to give you an idea of how it can all work together. I promise we’ll come up with a stunning display that will make you smile each time you see it.

Take a look at the video below — it demonstrates how this beautiful family session can be displayed in a bedroom. So many options, but a lot easier to choose the one you like once we create these visual examples.

Met this adorable family and their beautiful new puppy, Gertie, in a historic downtown Houston studio space. We had a ton of fun! I absolutely love when families incorporate their furry friends into their family shoots and it’s especially awesome when a puppy is this photogenic (and well behaved!).

Our goal was to capture family, individual and sister photos. I just adore these two sweet girls together! Look at those smiles and personalities. They were the perfect subjects and the entire family was dressed in bright colors and patterns – they nailed the layering look!

After they received their gallery of photos, I got the most amazing note from mom … “Oh my goodness!! These are fantastic!! The morning before we took these, I prayed that the photos would show how we feel about each other. Thank you for allowing yourself to be used to answer that prayer!”

Wow, I sure do love what I do. Providing families with beautiful and colorful photos is such a joy!


Are you tired of me always saying, “Let’s color your walls!”? I just can’t help it and won’t apologize – blank walls really do make me sad! When you spend time, money and energy to have professional photos taken, I think they deserve to be beautifully displayed.

I totally understand it’s hard. Staring at a blank wall not knowing where to begin can be overwhelming. On top of that, visualizing and finding the right frames can be too much. Well … you’re in luck! With my full photo sessions, I offer wall gallery design as well as frame matching. All I need is a horizontal, straight-on photo of the wall you’d like to design – that’s it!

Once we have the sizes and design laid out, we can move on to frames. Maybe you want to match an exact color or maybe you want to find the perfect compliment color to your new photos? We can do that! Together, we will decide on colors and frame sizes. Next, I will have them ordered and your prints framed. One of my favorite parts of my job is when my clients stop by my studio to pick up their framed prints. To see it all come together is so fun!

Then, the last part is up to you. You’ll have the layout as a guide and all you have to do is hang them up. But, you have to promise me you won’t let them sit in a corner, under your bed or in a closet – color your walls right away! I won’t even judge you if you make a mistake and have to put a few extra holes in the walls – you should see what’s behind my framed photos! 😉

Want to see what I’m talking about? Take a look at this video example below of how we can create a wall design that is custom, colorful and creative, in your space!

Oh, how I LOVE happy smiles, glowing light, tiny toes and sibling shinanigans! This family was one of my first clients back in the day when they were a family of three. Fast forward many years and they are a joyous family of five!

the woodlands texas family photographer_spryart.com__0037

Mom was kind of bummed she never got newborn pictures of the baby, so she wanted me to focus a lot on the littlest member of their family. When I realized we were quickly running out of light, and I still had a few more shots we wanted to get, I decided to do an extra little 20 minute mini shoot of just her the following week. I adore this little bundle and her contagious merriment!

the woodlands texas family photographer_spryart.com__0036

“It doesn’t matter who you are or what you look like, so long as somebody loves you.” Ronald Dahl (One of my all-time favorite authors!)

Friends make me happy! This adorable photo shoot and the quote above had me thinking about friendships, both new and old. When my client approached me with this photo shoot concept, I was THRILLED! I love when my clients come to me with new ideas because collaborating, brainstorming and dreaming up together is such a treat. It’s especially sweet when an idea comes together as well as this one.

Just being able to pause and appreciate the innocence, joy and happiness of elementary school friendships is a gift. My client and her daughter didn’t just want to remember those friendships before the girls moved on to intermediate school, they wanted to capture them forever! So, we gathered her daughter’s closest elementary school friends (All rockin’ adorable, colorful outfits, of course!) and headed out for pyramids, hugs, giggles and a spur of the moment dip in the fountain. I’m so thrilled with how these pictures turned out!

the woodlands childrens photographer www.spryart.com the woodlands childrens photographer www.spryart.com2 The Woodlands childrens photographer_www.spryART.comNow that the photos are done, this shoot has me thinking … why not gather your friends for photos? Seniors, college friends, high school friends, mom friends, childhood friends, youth groups … the list goes on and on. Really, a must for all ages! After all, these are the people we lean on, talk to, and enjoy most. Why not have beautiful {and colorful!} photos to display and cherish?

Sarah is my nanny/errand runner/math tutor/soccer practice Uber driver/grocery shopper/laundress. So in other words, I would have a hard time doing it without her. She is headed to Texas A&M (whoop!) in the fall and we are going to miss her like crazy. She loves flowers, so we took full advantage of the flowers growing alongside the side of the road. I’ve got to tell you- it’s not the most comfortable situation laying on the side of a busy street, in the grass, in a dress, with 784 mosquitos buzzing around, AND with 8,976 drivers speeding past, but she pulled it off and looks SO amazing!

the woodlands texas senior photographer

OK, OK, Carly is not actually a senior. I did her senior photos a couple of years ago and she needed new ones for some dance auditions as she is currently a Houston Rockets Power Dancer. Always so much fun to photograph with the best clothes, this girl has got it going on!the woodlands texas senior photographer_spryART.com

I will not play at tug o’ war

I’d rather play at hug o’ war,

Where everyone hugs

Instead of tugs,

Where everyone giggles

And rolls on the rug,

Where everyone kisses,

And everyone grins,

And everyone cuddles,

And everyone wins.

-Shel Silverstein


spryART photography_houston childrens photographer_www.spryart.com_0013

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